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Seating & Shade



Outdoor Teaching with Shade We have a variety of structures for outdoor teaching and play.  These can be used as outdoor classrooms or stages and can be fully covered with a permanent roof or our newly introduced shade sails which are available in a variety of sizes and colours.

Banqueting Tables & Picnic Benches Two of our 12ft banqueting tables provide seating for a whole class for outdoor work and plenty of space for picnic lunches.  These can be placed under pergola structures to provide shade (once the plants have grown or placed on decking underneath a roof structure.  Advantages of these size of banqueting tables are that they take four strong men to lift them and they are too large for the average garden, making theft less likely.  If necessary, they can be bolted to the floor or concreted in.

Decking & Stage Areas We have used decking in a variety of shapes and locations.  It is good for 'on the ground' type games because it is warm enough and dry enough to sit on for most of the year.  Decking also lends itself to outdoor work requiring a stage.

Planters  As with decking, planters can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes to be used in a variety of locations.  They can be standalone or built underneath a pergola.  Raised planters with boards around the edge can provide seating and be used to plant colour and shade plants in the playground.  Tonnes of top soil are needed to fill the large planters so it can be useful to install these at the same time as softfall areas.  Redlands School had their planters designed to look like virtual trees.

Crazy Benching  This can be made in many shapes, making use of trees and shrubs to make the layout more interesting.  It can also be used in many different ways; seating for small groups or a whole class if in an arc and impromptu seats for adults supervising children playing on other agility equipment.  Play value as balance beams is probably the children's first choice.  

Shelters Wooden roof structures are the alternative artificial shade where there are no gardening enthusiasts. They also have the advantage of being shower-proof, and can easily be made waterproof.  Any shape is feasible although hexagons and rectangles are the most common. The scale can also be varied to give intimate seating or larger group activities.


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